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Diane Champagne
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

:iconblacksparklesplz::iconblacksparklesplz:Evil by TheArtistDarkladyDianabolique by elphaba-rose-wildeStamp: Dragons Need Love Too by FantasyStockAvatars:iconblacksparklesplz::iconblacksparklesplz:
:icondemonwingplz::iconhrtplz: :icondemonwing2plz:


I can't say thanks to all of you adding my work as a favorite or adding me to their deviantWATCH, but I want to let you know that it's noticed and really appreciated. Without your support, I would never have been able to improve my work this way.

Animated gif by Dianabolique
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Newest Deviation

Masked Universe by Dianabolique

Intitle "Masked Universe"

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Literature and Me

Thanks a million for making me part of these literature adventures ...

Thank you Tom! :heart:

Paradise Lost?
'Twas a bitter cold December eve, inside the fire was glowin'.
The house was full of pretty things, but who was there a'knowin'?
That the life she'd built was crumblin' fast, the man she'd wed was dyin'.
No, not from death, but emotionally, he'd wearied of her endless lyin'.
He'd learned about her love affair, with a man she'd met last year.
He tried to hide his pain and angst, alone he'd cry those silent tears.
But on this night he'd had enough, he'd been drinkin', lyin' in wait.
Midnight and she was still not home, his love for her, turnin' to hate.
Quietly she walks through the door, the weather bein' her latest excuse.
He screamed at her with curses, he was sick and tired of feeling used.
They carried on for hours, she denyin' that she'd been unfaithful.
He didn't believe a single word, he knew she was bein' untruthful.
She'd soon had enough of the fightin', a breath of fresh air she was needin'.
So she took the dog out for a walk, her treacherous heart now bleedin'.
She looked
Cry of the Wolf
The stars were bright on that moonlit night,
long about a fortnight ago.
Huntin' for the wolf that'd caused our plight,
it were forty-one sheep she'd stole.
All us farmers who work this fine land,
had grown tired of takin' the loss.
With shotguns we searched just as we'd planned,
hangin' from our necks was a cross.
Tales had been spun 'bout a ghostly wolf,
one that disappears in the night.
They say if a man gets caught in the rough,
she appears and gives him a fright!
There we were with our guns and crosses,
prayin' that tonight it would end.
Mad as dogs because of the losses,
the grey wolf was hardly our friend.
Just after midnight we stopped in our tracks,
and then stood there dead on our feet.
It's been said that wolves travel in packs,
but this howling was one wolf complete.
There we did spot her upon the hill,
the moon lit her up for the kill.
We aimed our guns as one for the thrill,
but she vanished, a most bitter pill!

The wolf ran away is what we did say,
to the villager

Check him out:

Thank you Alberto :heart:

The Mare of the Wind
Image Midnight Run by = Dianabolique.
Let the wind guide your steps
allow the whole space sleep in your dreams
and, through the years,
your spirit will gallop free.
Move beyond the shadows
and behold the prairie:
the old fire stops burning
if you look at it.
What would you do if you were
the owner of the sea?
What would you do if you were
the mistress of the wind?
Would you raise the seas to the earth
and vanish all the life?
Your joy would dissapear.
You would make the sea talk through waves
and the wind wishper through mist.
Dancing between them
and kissing the coasts.
Cross the clear water,
travel to the middle of night
and full of illusions arrive.
Jog slowly towards the plain,
let the breeze caress you,
stand your soft mane
and travel to the ends of the w

Check him out:

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Avatars'n Stamps

:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:Jack Sparrow on the moon by VMKaquamerine:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:
Adoptable Chibi AVATAR by AliellaDemonaAdopted - Fall Leaves Avatar by elphaba-rose-wildeCat TP Avatar by Falln-AvatarsFree Matrix Avatar by storm75xfree shiny charizard avatar by GasMaskMonsterEmoticiety Avatar FOUR by dbestarchitectKing Julien - CaramellDansen by CoolNG90
I love snow STAMP by JadeDragonneStamp: Dragons Need Love Too by FantasyStockAvatarsStamp - Mouse User by firstfearComment  Favourite Happy by ForgottenMemorie
believe stamp by HisMissDollySTAMP: I Heart Coffee by zungzwangsmile_STAMP by turusaiGhost Stamp by Dragongirl269
Castle Stamp by TwilightProwlerBlade Runner Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman1000 langages stamp V2 by SynfullI love Cardinals by WishmasterAlchemist
I support my friends stamp by SynfullI am a CARTOON in a HUMAN BODY by StrawberryRlovely teddy STAMP by SheilaBrinsonSerious stamp by DeviantSith
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Good Artists Are... by savagebinnArt Theft Stamp - DeMaulwurfn by Art-FuzzArt Theft Stamp by sammichCuteness by Sparkliest-Star
I love cute eyes by DS-DNAGirl Gamer Stamp by EisoptrophobicDaydreamer Stamp by Mirz123book love stamp by Eirene86
Thx for support my art_stamp by Kitsune-PetitIt's Okay to Fav and Run by TricksyPicksyFav without a comment? by Timesplitter92I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92
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I am a dreamer - Stamp - by GewalgonThank You... by jennyleigh.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotMinion Stamp by Mel-Rosey

Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblinStamp. Loki by TaitiiiAvengers stamp - unnerved Loki by ChaosNDisaster
Loki laugh stamp - Tom Hiddleston by Vicky-RedfieldCute-loki by Coley-sXeAvengers stamp - Loki vs Tony by ChaosNDisaster

:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconcool-llama-plz:Llama Lover Stamp by ClefairyKid:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

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Beautiful gifts from very special artists

Me, through the eyes of amazing and talented DA artists ...
Thank you so much!

Dianabolique by JadeDragonne chibi Lady Dianabolique for ~jadedragonne by bhudicae Request for Dianabolique by vinpip

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Bhudicae's Bath

:star: bhudicae (Valerie) :star:
United States

Hello everyone! :wave:

As you all know, Christmas will come soon and we don't always have good gift ideas for those we love. I have a pretty cool suggestion which I'm sure will interest you very much.

bhudicae is making handmade soaps, lotions, bath salts and other all natural products. She specialize in colorful glycerin soaps, hand-blended fragrances, and custom-designed gift baskets. Very pretty!!!!

I invite you to visit her webshop, Bhudicae's Bath, and discover the incredible originality of her beauty items:

- Part of her Holiday Collection for 2014 -
Peppermint Candy scented glycerin soap

I also invite you to take a look at her facebook page:…

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Special Announcement!

Fri Dec 12, 2014, 10:16 AM

Sooooo excited! :la:

Exciting Moment - Lineart by JadeDragonne

I'm very proud to announce that the Number 2 of the "Coloriage Bien-être" Magazine who proposes every two months very numerous models of anti-stress colourings for adults, inaugurate in this number a section dedicated to an artist and they begin with "L'Art de Jade Dragonne", that contains nine of her linearts which backgrounds were added to give more challenges to coloring lovers. YEAH!!! There is also an interview/portrait in three pages accompanied with chosen illustrations by the artist. YEAH!!! :blush:

Here are the first linearts to colour that were chosen:

The "Coloriage Bien-être" Magazine is edited in three languages, French, Spanish and Dutch and is distributed on all French-speaking territories, in Spain and in the Netherlands. You can buy it in stores or online.

From the bottom of my mother's heart, I want to say a huge thank you to all the JadeDragonne fans for their follow-up, for their support, for their comments, for their colourings, for their sharings and for their friendship, who contributed widely to the success of JadeDragonne's Art which is now even more official.


Facebook link of "Coloriage Bien-être" Magazine:…

My little PLZ friends...

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: be doo be doo be doo by mintyy :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Come on you guys!
Choose a PLZ friend and add some fun to your comments...
For more PLZ friends check out my Journal Entries

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

:star: Christmas and New Year

:iconmerrychristmas1::iconmerrychristmas2: :iconlights-bow1plz::iconlights-bow2plz::iconlighs-bow3plz: :iconxmasballs01plz::iconxmasballs02plz: :iconseasonsgreetplz: :iconxmassignplz: :iconhappyholidayssignplz: :iconxmassign2plz: :iconnewyearplz: :iconhnyplz: :iconxmasstocking2plz: :iconsanta-plz: :iconasnowmanplz: :iconcelebrationplz: :iconchristmas-treeplz: :iconfur11: :iconchristmasdivplz: :iconchristmastimeplz: :iconsantalaplz: :iconxmasstockingplz: :iconmerrychristmas3: :iconornamentplz: :icongiftboxplz: :iconarangelplz: :iconxmasbellplz: :iconxmascandledivplz: :iconsnowflakedivplz:

:star: Monkeys

:iconnudgeplz: :iconyoyorapplz: :iconmonkeythumbplz: :iconohohohplz: :iconmonkeyclap: :iconyoyoranranruuplz: :icondancemonkeydanceplz: :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconmonkeykissplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz: :iconanoplz: :iconscreamingplz: :iconiminlovebebeh: :iconmonkeychuckleplz: :iconhmmphplz: :iconpissedmonkeyplz: :iconafraidmonkeyplz: :iconmonkeyhiplz: :iconmonkeymeowplz: :iconcicikissplz: :iconohpleaseplz: :iconcicidanceplz:

:star: Flowers

:iconreddancingflower::iconyellowdancingflower::iconbluedancingflower::iconpinkdancingflower::iconpurpledancingflower::iconwhitedancingflower: :iconsparklyroseplz: :iconflowers-plz: :iconredroseplz: :iconbeauroseplz: :icongetwellsoonplz: :icontulipplz: :iconpoppy2plz:

:star: Letters

:iconletter-aplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconlettera-plz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconrainbow-aplz: :iconaqua-aplz: :iconaplz:

:star: Funny and Weird

:iconmahoplz: :iconngakakaplz: :iconcendolplz: :iconultahplz: :iconkerenplz: :iconberdukaplz: :iconfellangakakplz:

:star: Others and all mixed up
:icondancinggirplz: :iconheartjumpplz:

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Beautiful gifts from very special artists

Beautiful delicate thoughts from amazing and talented DA artists ...
Thank you so much!

Winter Darling by burningrage8-13 Kitty cat 2 by ricky4

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"My very first coloring contest" little beauties!

:heart: Aren't they just beautiful?! :heart:

:star: Contest Winner :star:
Sweet Little Girl by pink-marshmallows
Coloring Contest by Byrdman-08 Sweet little girl-colouring contest by TheDewdropFairy Sweet Little Girl by slinkysis3
Sweet Little Girl by Moonlit-RainStorm Baby's Bunny by bhudicaeSweet Little Girl by blackmoonrose13 La Fillette by ErikRoger In Gray, White + Black by HoneyGoddess57Sweet Little Girl Coloured Contest Entry by Anisa-Mazaki
Full Version of Sweet Little Girl Colouring by Anisa-MazakiBaby 'n bunny by JadeDragonneSweet Baby Girl by Dianabolique

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When do you start decorating for Christmas? 

11 deviants said End of November...
10 deviants said Only in December...
5 deviants said I don't put any decorations...
4 deviants said I don't believe in Christmas anymore...
1 deviant said My last year decorations are still in place...


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